A sense of community.

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A sense of community.

As of now I’ve kept the blog about the research and facts of health and nutrition.  Today Im going to change things up and go on a different path.

On  the weekend of Dec 2nd we at Fit Zone AZ had a fundraiser, Sweating for Strong Island.  We raised money for Superstorm Sandy Relief to my hometown of Oceanside NY and the surrounding area.  Besides living here in Tempe, AZ,  Oceanside NY is the only other place I ever lived.  And I still call home.  This event gave me the opportunity to do something to assist my hometown even if I couldn’t be there to help.

To be honest I was pleasantly surprised on how many people participated in this event.  It gave me a sense of community I didn’t realize I had out here.  All together we did over 30 personal training sessions for donations and  raised over  $1500 for the food bank of St Anthony’s of Oceanside.

For everyone who participated, volunteered, donated or just gave moral support thank you.

What I’ve realized is that it is  always better to do something, anything, than doing nothing.  And by doing something you have the opportunity to have a positive  impact on your community.


Jaime Gangi


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