Post Workout Nutrition

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Post Workout Nutrition 

Recently I have received some questions on this topic.  If some people are asking I know others are thinking about it.

Why is Post Workout Nutrition so important?

What you put into your body directly after your workout is critical for the recovery process of your body.  The benefits of your post workout meal is to restore muscle glycogen levels, increase muscle protein synthesis, reduce muscle protein breakdown, and minimize soreness and fatigue.

It’s pretty simple what your body needs directly after your workout: Carbohydrates and protein.  That is putting it simply.

Now let’s get a little more complex.

Option 1:  Is very convenient if you’re on the go.  Granola with nuts (almonds and walnuts preferably) and you can add some dry fruit if you like.

Option 2:  Eggs with a piece of sprouted bread.  As for your eggs, include one yolk and the rest whites.

Option 3:  Is also convenient if you’re on the road.  A whey protein shake you can mix this with water.  Or, if you have time, to blend try adding fresh pineapple for your carbohydrate source.

If you have any questions feel free.


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