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Joining Fit Zone in May of 2010 was one of the most marvelous decisions I have ever made! Being an active individual has never been a problem for me, but gyms were never my cup of tea. Dance, hiking or swimming were my preferred forms of exercise.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for on my own. I decided that in order to achieve this goal (that at the time seemed light years away) I needed some extra guidance to assist in making healthy adjustments to my daily regimen.  That’s when I joined the family. I use the term family because that is how you are treated. When you walk into the gym, it genuinely feels comfy, like home. It of course has all the necessary equipment and accessories you expect a great gym to have, but what sets Fit Zone apart from the others is the QUALITY people who create such a positive experience. The owners, staff and trainers have a warmth, and integrity that is rare to find. Their work ethic, tolerance and honest criticisms are absolutely limitless, and offer great inspiration. They support and encourage me to educate myself and expand my fitness knowledge. In addition, they selflessly take time out of their personal lives to answer questions, give additional support or reminders.

4 Comments on “Karima”

  1. Whitney

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  2. Enazam

    Not all trainers are ceretad equal. But, many people don’t think past the uniform and the title, assuming that because someone has the job, they’re qualified. My first gym, first trainer: he worked me so hard I pulled something in my leg and couldn’t walk up or down stairs for weeks. He was all no pain, no gain. Meanwhile, I had never worked out with a trainer before—it turned me off working one on one for years. In the end, for me, it’s all about a good fit, a common goal, with mutual listening and respect.

    1. fitzone

      Thats sad to hear about your first experience with a trainer. You should give it another try but check your next trainers credentials. Make sure they have a nationally accredited certification. I fully agree that its all about a good fit, a common goal, with mutual listening and respect.

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