Post Workout Nutrition

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Post Workout Nutrition  Recently I have received some questions on this topic.  If some people are asking I know others are thinking about it. Why is Post Workout Nutrition so important? What you put into your body directly after your workout is critical for the recovery process of your body.  The benefits of your post workout meal is to restore … Read More

First Blog

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Hi. I’m Jaime Gangi, General Manager here at Fit Zone in Tempe, Arizona. Welcome to my first blog post!  I’m starting this blog not only to let you know what’s going on in the Fit Zone community, but to share information and ideas, discuss current topics in the fitness industry, and most importantly, promote healthy living. So stay tuned .. there’s more to come! Check us out on … Read More

Ramon C.

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Member since July 2009 Before I started working out with my Fit Zone trainer, I wasn’t that motivated. I was ashamed of how I let myself go and gain a few pounds. I went to the gym not knowing that half of the stuff I was doing was the wrong way or not know what body parts to work out … Read More