Michael and Kathy Holland

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Members since June 2008 My husband Michael joined FitZone in June, 2008.  I declined to join at the time because “I hate to exercise inside” and continued to walk in the 100+ degree Arizona summer.  Michael went to the gym and came home happy while I walked in the heat and came home miserable.  Finally in July, 2008 I decided … Read More

Nutrition – Simplified

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7 Simple Nutrition Tips To Ponder: #1.  Keep it simple. Eat REAL food. #2.  Avoid processed food.  Avoid eating out. #3.  Eat regularly every 3 hours,  5 to 6 times a day. #4.  Allow yourself  1 cheat meal a week. #5.  Drink H20.  Avoid empty calories; a good example of this is soda. #6.  Pre plan your meals.  Be prepared. … Read More

First Blog

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Hi. I’m Jaime Gangi, General Manager here at Fit Zone in Tempe, Arizona. Welcome to my first blog post!  I’m starting this blog not only to let you know what’s going on in the Fit Zone community, but to share information and ideas, discuss current topics in the fitness industry, and most importantly, promote healthy living. So stay tuned .. there’s more to come! Check us out on … Read More


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Member since August 2007 Great club, friendly helpful staff. Clean and well maintained faciltiy. Members respect each other, regardless of gender or ability.