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A sense of community. As of now I’ve kept the blog about the research and facts of health and nutrition.  Today Im going to change things up and go on a different path. On  the weekend of Dec 2nd we at Fit Zone AZ had a fundraiser, Sweating for Strong Island.  We raised money for Superstorm Sandy Relief to my … Read More


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SLEEP: The “rule of thumb”  for adults is 7 to 9 hours according to The National Sleep Foundation. Sleep plays a major role in how the body recovers.   We all need to recover both physically and mentally.  While you sleep your body is being rejuvenated for the next day. There is research out there that shows that people who … Read More

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I came to Fit Zone because I couldn’t lose weight and I had been feeling more out of shape with each passing day. I had no energy and I was getting so that I wanted to do less and less. When I came in for my first visit with Fit Zone, my intention was to work on the machines by … Read More