New Year New You

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We are 1 month in of 2013.  For everyone who hasn’t kicked their workouts into high gear yet, now is the time.  From today  till Valentine’s day we have a special for new clients to try some personal training.  You can start off with 4 customized 30 minute sessions for $100 or 8 for $175.  Along with the personal training sessions, you will receive … Read More

A sense of community.

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A sense of community. As of now I’ve kept the blog about the research and facts of health and nutrition.  Today Im going to change things up and go on a different path. On  the weekend of Dec 2nd we at Fit Zone AZ had a fundraiser, Sweating for Strong Island.  We raised money for Superstorm Sandy Relief to my … Read More

Post Workout Nutrition

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Post Workout Nutrition  Recently I have received some questions on this topic.  If some people are asking I know others are thinking about it. Why is Post Workout Nutrition so important? What you put into your body directly after your workout is critical for the recovery process of your body.  The benefits of your post workout meal is to restore … Read More

Coco Fit/ Coconut H2O

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I was intrigued to find out what the benefits of coconut water were. Here’s what I’ve learned. Coconut water is great for rehydration.  During your workout you’re going to sweat, perspire.  When this occurs you are mostly losing water but there are small amounts of minerals exiting your body as well.  These are sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Athletes tend … Read More

Ramon C.

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Member since July 2009 Before I started working out with my Fit Zone trainer, I wasn’t that motivated. I was ashamed of how I let myself go and gain a few pounds. I went to the gym not knowing that half of the stuff I was doing was the wrong way or not know what body parts to work out … Read More

Scott A.

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I felt that I was “stuck” in a rut and just kind of “spinning my wheels”. I wasn’t that motivated to exercise and, even though I was going to the gym, I was actually moving backwards in my goal for better fitness. I notice a big difference in how I feel and look. I notice that even outside the gym … Read More

Nona J.

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I came to Fit Zone because I couldn’t lose weight and I had been feeling more out of shape with each passing day. I had no energy and I was getting so that I wanted to do less and less. When I came in for my first visit with Fit Zone, my intention was to work on the machines by … Read More

Shannon C.

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Member since November 2005 Before I started working out with my trainer, Jaime, I had developed a series of unhealthy habits. I was eating poorly, not working out and just had a lazy attitude about health all around. I had a saying “I only have one life, so I should enjoy it however I want.” I felt disgusting and over … Read More