Nona J.

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I came to Fit Zone because I couldn’t lose weight and I had been feeling more out of shape with each passing day. I had no energy and I was getting so that I wanted to do less and less.

When I came in for my first visit with Fit Zone, my intention was to work on the machines by myself. I had tried several fitness centers in the past and I came away with the feeling that they didn’t care if I succeeded. They just wanted my money. I have also gone to other clubs, but after the first couple of months, I didn’t feel I was getting enough of a workout.

Dom, the training manager, explained the program at Fit Zone and I knew I had found the place I needed to be. There was no pressure to get on the program, but I was given all the information to make the decision on my own.

Jaime, my personal trainer, gets you started right and helps you improve with every session even without realizing it at times. I love the encouragement and camaraderie of the Fit Zone program and helpful staff.

I have more muscle control and balance. As a side benefit, my training helps me to bowl better.