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Before I started working out with my Fit Zone trainer, I wasn’t that motivated. I was ashamed of how I let myself go and gain a few pounds. I went to the gym not knowing that half of the stuff I was doing was the wrong way or not know what body parts to work out together.

After working out with my Fit Zone trainer (Andy), I felt different. I was more awake, full of energy. Felt more motivated after each session, learning new workouts and also doing them the correct way. I was a lot more positive about myself.

What mental/physical problems has my training helped? It helped me with going to sleep and waking up easy. I can focus a lot better on things I’m doing. Mental/physical changes coming from my training was strength, fat loss, and muscle mass.

I have been to other clubs, but I got nothing out of it after being there a little over a year. Joining Fit Zone was a great decision I made. Having Andy as my trainer is awesome. He really knows his stuff. Just wanna say Thanks to Andy for improving me in mental/physical ways and thanks to Dom for helping me get started and everything else you’ve done for me. Thanks Fit Zone.