Scott A.

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I felt that I was “stuck” in a rut and just kind of “spinning my wheels”. I wasn’t that motivated to exercise and, even though I was going to the gym, I was actually moving backwards in my goal for better fitness.

I notice a big difference in how I feel and look. I notice that even outside the gym everything seems to be a lot easier to do. My posture has improved a lot. Every session with my Fit Zone trainer is different and I never know what we are going to do next (he refers to this as “muscle confusion”). This keeps me engaged and motivated to make it through my workouts so my trainer doesn’t think I’m a wimp!

I work at a computer all day, so getting in the gym really helps me mentally “clear my head” and feel re-energized. When I do not make it to the gym and work out, I notice an all over sluggish feeling and going to the gym really helps give me more energy and feel more alive.

With regards to physical problems, the Fit Zone trainers have helped me to use proper form and techniques with weight training. I used to injure myself a lot when I worked out on my own. I had lower back, shoulder, ankle and Achilles problems. Since working out with my Fit Zone trainers, all of these physical problems have been eliminated and I have been able to lift heavier and heavier without any injuries. This was not possible before I started using the Fit Zone trainers. They have also helped me move through mental blocks with regards to how much weight I can actually work out with.

The Fit Zone trainers have also helped me with my diet program and held me accountable for working on being better with my diet habits.

I also belong to other clubs in Gilbert. I have gone there on the occasional weekend, since I live in Gilbert and that gym is closer to my home. I have personally noticed a big difference in how friendly and open the Fit Zone trainers are compared to the other trainers. Even before I signed up for Fit Zone training sessions, they were helpful with fitness advice. In fact, I had an ankle injury and asked Dom about some exercises that could help me. He didn’t even hesitate to give me some exercises to try that would speed recovery and strengthen the ankle. The exercises helped right away and that is one of the things that convinced me that I needed knowledgeable help with my with my fitness goals. I asked a trainer at another club a question about a piece of exercise equipment and his response was rude and he seemed to want to just “blow me off.” I feel that the atmosphere at Fit Zone is friendlier and people are just generally more open and nice.

I always thought I worked out better alone, but after working with the Fit Zone trainers, I definitely feel that they have pushed me to a better level of fitness than I could have ever achieved on my own!