Top 8 Abs Workout Program Tips

Top 8 Abs Workout Program Tips

Human beings have a habit of doing things the same way yet expecting excellent different outcomes. There is a misconception about abs workout program in that the more you exercise the better the results. So many people pick one workout and run with it towards getting the coveted washboard abs. The unfortunate thing is that they are misinformed on what makes up a successful abs program. Just like any other workout, for you to build muscles and maintain them you need to subject them to tougher workouts and increased repetitions. You need to come up with a compound exercise that hits all the abdominal muscles for a well-defined mid section area.

What factors then make a program effective?

Get rid of isolation exercises

Focus on compound exercises that work out your entire mid-section that comprises of obliques, lower back, rectus abdominal exercises (the ‘6 pack’) and transverse abdominal exercises like squats.

Your abs are connected to your lower back

Therefore it’s important to warm up properly before starting any exercise to avoid muscle injuries. Warm the core muscles to relax them before working on them by marching in place for 3 to 5 minutes.

Try adding a weight to your routine.

This will challenge your abs and take your exercise to a whole different level. Instead of your usual squats, add some dumbbells and be assured of amazing outcomes.

Rest your abs

Take abs to be just like any other part that’s exercised and need to be rested. It takes 48 hours for your abs to recover so, allow them to rest in between exercises.

Examine your diet.

This is where you need to be eating less and move more. The quantity of calories that you eat should be less than you’re burning so as to reduce body fat. Eat plenty of vegetables, carbs, lean protein, low-fat dairy, fruits and whole grains.

Add some cardio into your routine.

Just by doing abs workout alone, won’t give you the formed abs. Whether high or low intensity, whichever you’re comfortable doing, will help in melting down those calories.

Start small and progress gradually

The same way you wouldn’t enter a car before you know how to drive, is the same way you wouldn’t start on the same day with advanced and complicated exercises. Start small and progress gradually especially with the repetitions or until you master some workouts or equipment properly.

More core exercises

While sit ups and crunches do work on your abs, focus on an exercise that works more of the core like a plank as it targets the abs and upper body.

Abs workout program and nutrition go together as you can’t depend on one to succeed. Diet plays a number in how your abs goal is achieved. Just working your abs won’t do the trick, rather consume fewer calories to shed off fat from the body and reveal your lean body that is layered with fat underneath. Everyone is an abs material, you just have to know how to work your abs; complimented with a proper diet for a 6 pack body.

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